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HOTEL KYSTEN in Hasle is your charming hotel in Bornholm when you want to experience the island, gather family, friends, and colleagues for cozy gatherings, festive celebrations, and meetings & conferences in unique and historic settings full of authenticity, atmosphere, and soul.

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Vestergade 65
3790 Hasle – Bornholm – Denmark

CVR: 44456478

Map with Kysten Hotel one of two hotels in Bornholm Denmark

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Our hotel in Hasle (the red marker) is located on Vestergade overlooking Hasle Harbor with its beautiful red warehouses and the Baltic Sea.

Behind the red warehouses, you’ll find the nearest beach, and 300 meters to the north is Hasle Harbor Bath. 300 meters behind the hotel is Grønbechs Gård, and 700 meters to the south is the cozy Hasle Smokehouse. And so on, because you really can’t stay more centrally in Hasle and at one of the many hotels in Bornholm Denmark.

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Are You Planning a Meeting or Event at a Hotel in Bornholm?

Step away from your everyday routine and capture the full attention of your participants at our hotel in Hasle, where you can create entirely new settings that inspire fresh ideas and enjoyable gatherings.

Here at the hotel, we cultivate a personal, informal, and relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps that’s exactly what can elevate your event to new heights?

Contact us, and let’s work together to bring to life exactly what you dream of at our hotel in Hasle.

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Restaurant Kysten sofaer vendt mod udsigten og med kikkerter til gæsterne
Løbeklub velfortjent jubel

Planning a Trip for Friends or Your Club at a Hotel in Bornholm?

Hasle invites you to experience the authentic Bornholm and gain insight into the island’s nature, fishing, and craftsmanship. Let us help you arrange the most fantastic trip at a hotel in Bornholm for your group of friends or club, where you can be active during the day and be pampered in the lovely and cozy surroundings morning and evening.

The western part of Bornholm is a true treasure trove of delightful experiences. Get inspired by Hasle & Bornholm right here.

Get inspired here.

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Attending Folkemødet? Stay at Our Hotels in Bornholm Denmark

Are you looking for a charming hotels in Bornholm Denmark, where participants from your company or organization can stay together during Folkemødet? And where you have space to host your own events and invite clients or other stakeholders for food, drinks, and other relationship-building activities?

Imagine if you could have a place like this lovely hotel in Hasle all to yourselves! Cozy, lovely, and atmospheric boutique hotel settings a bit away from Folkemødet in Allinge, so you have the full attention of the participants. And we can almost guarantee that the sunset view will take everyone’s breath away.

Read more about Folkemødet here.

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Folkemødet in Bornholm a lively place in Allinge

Photo: Destination Bornholm

Jantzens Hotel in Gudhjem, one of our hotels in Bornholm Denmark

J&L Hotels Operates 2 Hotels in Bornholm Denmark

The 2 hotels in Bornholm: HOTEL KYSTEN in Hasle and JANTZENs HOTEL in Gudhjem are owned today by Jan & Lars, who have lived in a large number of hotels around the world. They know what they prefer in a hotel, and that forms the background for the 2 hotels in Bornholm: simplicity, personal and cozy atmosphere, feel-good experience, and a straightforward relaxation that helps you unwind.

Now they give you the opportunity to experience both the east and west sides of the Sunshine Island at their 2 hotels in Bornholm.

Visit JANTZENs HOTEL in Gudhjem here.

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