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Hasle is a harbor town on the western coast of Bornholm. Known colloquially as the “golden coast,” Hasle offers magnificent sunsets over the Baltic Sea.

Here, HOTEL KYSTEN is your cozy hotel while you experience Bornholm. It’s a place where you can relax after your adventures in Hasle & Bornholm.

Here are a few suggestions for experiences in and around Hasle.

Hasle & Bornholm

Hasle is a historically significant fishing and industrial town on the west coast of Bornholm.

Hasle, Bornholm is best experienced from Hasle Harbor, which buzzes with harbor life.

Apart from fish, the town is known for coal, clay, and Hasle tiles, and as Bornholm’s center for crafts.

In other words, this cozy market town, located north of Rønne and south of Hammershus, encapsulates much of the original Bornholm.

See a map of Hasle here.

Hasle old harbour with hotel kysten in the background
Hasle Harbor Bornholm with boats and small summer houses in many colors

Hasle Harbor – Bornholm

Hasle Harbor on Bornholm is a popular spot for recreational sailors. Here you’ll also find Hasle Marina, a unique residential environment built directly on the north and east quays of Hasle’s marina.

An evening stroll along the harbor, with its beautiful boats and fishing vessels, is a delightful way to end the day.

Enjoy an ice cream and soak in all the impressions.

Hasle Harbor

Hasle Smokehouse – the Taste of Bornholm

 Hasle Smokehouse is the last remaining smokehouse on Bornholm where smoking still takes place in a traditional and old-fashioned manner, with open chimneys fueled by alderwood.

Here, you can see the old smoke ovens and observe how herring is smoked on “open” ovens – just as they have been doing for 100 years.

Hasle Smokehouse

Hasle houses one of the oldest and most beautiful Smokehouses on  Bornholm
Facade of Grønbechs Gård  the Bornholm Art and Craft Museum

Grønbechs Gård – Art & Crafts

In the heart of the town, you’ll find Grønbech’s Gård, Bornholm’s Center for Arts and Crafts.

It’s a great place to start your journey through Bornholm’s craftsmanship.

Here, you can experience various exhibitions, events, workshops, and concerts while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Grønbechs Gård

Hasle Beach – Klympen Beach

 Hasle Beach, also known as Klympen Beach, is a lovely long stretch of sand just south of the town.

Here, you might be lucky enough to find dinosaur fossils. When the large meteor hit the Earth and dinosaurs became extinct, Bornholm “emerged” from the sea. That’s why you might be fortunate enough to find remnants of dinosaurs in Hasle today.

Hasle Beach

Hasle Beach sand beach and dunes
Kultippen the moon-like beach on Bornholm

Kultippen – the Coal Tip

Kultippen is a completely unique man-made natural phenomenon south of Hasle Beach. It resembles a lunar or desert landscape.

The place is completely devoid of vegetation and has emerged as a result of the former coal production in Hasle.

Here, the discarded sand, gravel, clay, and coal dust from the coal were tipped over the edge – hence the name.


Hasle Town Beach

Hidden behind the red warehouses at Hasle Harbor, you’ll find Hasle Town Beach. This small sandy beach with a bathing pier is well protected from the waves of the Baltic Sea.

Here, you’ll also find the cozy beach bar, Kabyssen, which is open from June to August.


Hasle town beach - sand beach, bathing bridge and the baltic sea
Helligpeder on the hiking trail north of Hasle Bornholm

Helligpeder and Teglkås

An incredibly beautiful walk or run on gravel roads along the coast north of Hasle will take you on a 5 km journey first to Helligpeder and then to Teglkås – 2 small and idyllic fishing villages on the west coast of Bornholm.

Helligpeder, with its small houses, smokehouse chimneys, and especially the beautiful old harbor cabin, is truly worth a visit.

Similarly, Teglkås Fishing Village is a delightful gem with its small harbor and row of picturesque fishing houses and smokehouses squeezed between the narrow beach and the steep 80-meter-high land behind.

Helligpeder Fishing Village

Teglkås Fishing Village

Jons Kapel – the Cave Chapel

Just north of the charming Fishing Villages, you’ll find Jon’s Chapel, which is a cave in the cliffs formed by the pounding waves.

Jon came to Bornholm to convert the locals to Christianity, and here in the cave, he told stories from the Bible. It became popular, and soon there wasn’t enough space in the cave, so he continued outside on the cliff, which resembles a pulpit.

You descend (and later ascend) to Jon’s Chapel via 171 steps.

Jons Kapel

Jons Kapel klippehule og udsigten til vandet udenfor hulen
Bornholm is famous for its white round churches of which Nyker is the newest one

Nyker Round Church – New Church

Another of Bornholm’s landmarks is the distinctive round churches, and just 8 km from Hasle, you can visit the smallest and youngest of the island’s 4 round churches – Nyker Church.

Despite the name, it is believed to date back to the early 13th century. See the beautiful frescoes and note the runestone, plague board, separate entrances, and find out why the church is round.

Nyker Round Church – New Church

North Bornholm Golf Club

One of Denmark’s most spectacular golf courses on Bornholm is Nordbornholms Golf Club, which winds its way down to the Baltic Sea and back again. With sea views in the first part – hole 4 towards Christiansø – and on the last 8 holes, a technically demanding course through forests and quarries.

The hotel is a sponsor of the club and can assist with bookings.

See more here.

North Bornholm Golf course play golf with sea views

Need More Inspiration for Your Bornholm Stay?

Here you’ve received some of the closest suggestions. But Hasle and Bornholm have a wealth of Baltic Sea sights – so read more here, where you can filter by your interests and desires.

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