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In Hasle, you’ll find the most charming event venue on Bornholm. Host your celebration with accommodation at the beautiful HOTEL KYSTEN. Here, your dreams of truly unforgettable celebrations can come to life, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, confirmation, other milestones in life — or if you simply want to gather friends or family for cozy gatherings in distinctive settings full of authenticity, atmosphere, and soul.

Events with Accommodation are Unforgettable Celebrations

When you invite your guests not just to a party, but to a party with accommodation, you have the opportunity to gather guests before, during, and after the event itself. It brings guests closer together, breaks down barriers, allows guests to get to know each other, and creates a completely different and truly unforgettable atmosphere and sense of community. Here with us, you’ll find the ideal setting for your party with accommodation.

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Bottles in cooler on terrace overlooking the sea
Entrance to Hotel Kysten with flowers and sign on the facade

Have it All to Yourselves

Do you want to host your celebration in a beautiful and cozy event venue where you can have it all to yourselves?

Look no further. At the charming HOTEL KYSTEN in Hasle on Bornholm, you can host your event for a maximum of 100 guests, with accommodation available for 50. We call it: renting an entire hotel.

Contact us and let’s work together to make your party an utterly unforgettable experience at our beautiful hotel.

Get in touch at +45 51 72 72 26 or booking@hotelkysten.dk.

Event Venue on Bornholm with Accommodation

Your event in the banquet hall of HOTEL KYSTEN on Bornholm will become something truly special when you and your guests together experience the magnificent sunset from the hotel’s terrace and restaurant.

The sunset is magical and surpasses even the wildest fireworks or any other form of entertainment.

It’s these lovely settings with soul, atmosphere, ambiance, and charm that contribute to making your party truly special.

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Event venue Bornholm  with evening views to the colorful sunset over the baltic sea
Welcome drinks on the terrace with a sea view

The Terrace

Welcome your guests to the charming terrace and greet them with a drink as you mingle and enjoy the magnificent view over Hasle Harbor and the Baltic Sea. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The terrace is located just outside the hotel’s banquet halls. It is divided into two levels and has plenty of space for all your guests.

Here, you’ll get an overview of the surroundings and digest the many sensory impressions before we check you into your lovely rooms.

Event Space with Accommodation

When you host your event with us, your guests have the option to stay overnight at the hotel.

You and your guests can stay in one of the hotel’s 22 rooms. Each room is individually decorated in a classic and vintage style, featuring a private bathroom and either a sea view or a view over Hasle town.

The atmosphere throughout the hotel is personal, informal, and charming. The many vintage and flea market finds provide ample opportunity for conversations among guests.

Read more and see the rooms that come with booking an event space with accommodation.

Bornholm accommodation in double rooms with sea view and decorated with antique furniture
Sea view from the banquet hall

The Banquet Hall

Our banquet hall is set up and decorated specifically for your event, and our head chef and staff are ready to provide you and your guests with a fantastic dining experience – ensuring that as the host, you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests.

Through the terrace doors, the banquet hall offers a view of the sea, allowing your guests to enjoy the view and sunset both indoors and outdoors.

The Restaurant & Banquet Hall are Unique Event Venues on Bornholm

When it’s time for the actual celebration, your guests gather for a welcome drink in the beautiful restaurant with its large windows or on the terrace overlooking the Baltic Sea.
In the restaurant, we’ve placed a row of red sofas along the large windows facing the water, so your guests can truly enjoy the sea view.

Read more about the restaurant here.

Kysten Restaurant Bornholm tables with a view to the sea through the large windows
Bornholm accommodation at Hotel Kysten seen from the harbour with its picturesque boats

Hasle & Bornholm Contributes to Your Celebration

Hasle & Bornholm offers many different sights and activity options that you and your guests can experience individually or as a group when staying in the town. Naturally, we’re happy to assist you with suggestions and ideas.

On Bornholm, nothing is more than a 20-30 minute drive away, so you have plenty of opportunities to see everything you desire on the island.

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Event Venue Bornholm

Residents of Hasle and Bornholm are also warmly welcome at HOTEL KYSTEN – both for everyday visits and celebrations.

Both Restaurant Kysten and the hotel’s Banquet Hall are unique party venues on Bornholm. Learn more here and in our gallery of photos of the hotel here.

Contact us for quotes on birthdays, weddings, confirmations, and other festivities and gatherings in HOTEL KYSTEN’s party venues in Hasle at +45 51 72 72 26 or booking@hotelkysten.dk.

Kysten Restaurant Bornholm for dinner, parties and meetings
View from Restaurant Kysten through the restaurant terrace doors and with wine on ice

Here You Can Host an Event All Year Round

No matter the time of year, when you need to host a party or event, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Our event venue Bornholm is available all year round – including autumn, winter, and spring.

And the fantastic sunset can be enjoyed all year round – just at different times.

Contact us.

Are you planning a trip for friends or the club?

We can assist with that too. Hasle & Bornholm offers fantastic terrain for hiking, running, and cycling trips. Let us help you arrange the most amazing trip for your group of friends or club, where you’re active during the day and pampered in authentic and cozy surroundings morning and night.

Contact us at  +45 51 72 72 26 or booking@hotelkysten.dk.

Group of friends cheering after their running trip on the beach

Thank You

“Thank you for a fantastic day. Lovely venue, staff, and view. Isabelle had a wonderful day. Highly recommended.”

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