Conference Hotel Bornholm


Just 3-4 hours from most parts of the country, Hasle and this cozy conference hotel Bornholm are ready to make your meeting, course, or conference on Bornholm a truly special experience – as an active participant.

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Meeting Hotel Bornholm

Whether you are holding a meeting or conference on Bornholm for one or several days, you are welcome at HOTEL KYSTEN in Hasle.

The hall, restaurant, terrace, and individual rooms offer charming, authentic, and relaxed settings.

There is space for 20-50 people with tables in the hall or up to 100 in rows of chairs.

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Restaurant Kysten sofas turned towards the sunset
Room with sea view through the terrace doors and balcony chairs

Meeting with Accommodation Reaches New Goals

When you invite colleagues, leaders, partners, or course participants to a course, meeting, or conference on Bornholm with accommodation at HOTEL KYSTEN, it creates excellent opportunities for participants to think in new ways and come up with new ideas.

Changing the usual surroundings can help the brain think differently. This makes the environment and destination an active partner in your choice of meeting and conference hotel.

Here, there’s plenty of space and inspiration for new thoughts.

Meetings on Bornholm Can Create Magic

When you hold a meeting on Bornholm in the relaxed and charming atmosphere of HOTEL KYSTEN in Hasle, you are inspired to unwind, swap suits for jeans and sneakers, let your guard down, interact informally, get to know each other better, find new perspectives and possibilities, and strengthen the sense of community. It’s almost magical!

The surroundings contribute with a truly magical sunset as a backdrop every evening.

Cheering with wines in the sunset on the terrace of the conference hotel bornholm
Wine glasses and flowers greets guest in the hotel bar

There Are Many Conference Hotels to Choose From

But here, you can have the entire place to yourselves, unlike many other conference hotels.

Meet collectively and in smaller groups without considering other guests. We can accommodate up to 100 participants in the hall. Contact us to discuss how we can make your meeting, course, or conference a magical experience.

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See our conference hotel rooms here.

More Than a Conference Hotel

This conference hotel has a history dating back to 1877, when it opened as the first hotel in Hasle. Imagine what these walls and floors have witnessed over the years! We cherish and preserve the hotel’s many historical experiences and original character. It’s the soul, atmosphere, and charm of these surroundings that make your meeting, course, or conference truly special.

Read more about the hotel’s history here.

Vintage furniture and staircase
Jons Kapel cave and view of the sea outside

Hasle & Bornholm

Hasle and Bornholm offer numerous attractions and activities for you and your meeting participants to explore, either individually or as a group. We are happy to provide suggestions and ideas to make your conference on Bornholm truly unique.

Read more about Hasle & Bornholm here.

Conference Hotels on Bornholm

Together with our sister hotel, JANTZENs HOTEL in Gudhjem, we offer 2 conference hotels on Bornholm.

Residents of Bornholm are also warmly welcome at both conference hotels when hosting courses, meetings, or conferences on the island.

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Breakfast at Kysten Restaurant Bornholm with tables cloths and antique furniture
Bornholm accommodation at Hotel Kysten seen from the harbour with its picturesque boats

Open for Your Meeting or Conference on Bornholm All Year Round

No matter the time of year, when you need to host a meeting, course, or conference on Bornholm, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Autumn, winter, and spring offer the opportunity to experience the nature and city life of Bornholm in a different way.

Because on Bornholm, the island’s character also changes with the seasons. The beaches become destinations for both guests and locals, who take walks in the dunes and along the shoreline.

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